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MtWA 0011 - Case 2 page 6
MtWA 0011 - Case 2 page 6

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Malachi Marriott, Witless Attorney

A Phoenix Wright parody sprite comic, based on a mini series of the same name. Malachi Marriott is not your typical defence attorney; he's not intelligent, he's a little messy, and he isn't even sure why he's in the courtroom in the first place. Ever since he found a defense attorney badge in his bowl of cereal, so he appeared in court ever since, defending the innocent... ...or having them leave even worse than what they were charged with. His partner is Crystal (His wife) and she has her hands full just making sure they have their rent! (Co made with my fiancee Crystal Dunlop) Updates Monday, Wednesday and Friday.


Layout updates

Okay, I was looking around at other people's webcomics, and I noticed that they ALL seem to have fancy backgrounds and layouts.

So, I decided to spruce up the comic's layout and everything, and now, we have a sidebar for all the details, and you don't have to scroll down anymore.

I also made the 'back and forward' buttons appear on the top AND bottom of the pages, as well as including links to other things; for now, just my DeviantArt and Crystal's blog, go there for general updates on things, and to see some of my minis.

and to finish it up for now, I made chapters for all of the cases.

What do you all think about the changes?

posted by Shurbi @ March 22nd, 2011, 11:51 am  -  0 comments

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